The Story

Gorilla Gardeners, by Allie Summers, is an illustrated children’s book for all ages. For 51 weeks of the year there are no plants on Bleaker Street. The street is dark and grey. But on one special week, plants of all types magically appear. This year, Brooke and Riley discover who has been secretly planting flowers on Bleaker Street. What they find is sure to surprise!

An illustrated story, Gorilla Gardeners incorporates early learning concepts. Younger children (ages 0-3 years) will enjoy looking at the pictures and pointing out the plants and gorillas they see. Older children (ages 3-9 years) will be able to grasp more advanced concepts such as responsibility and sustainability. They will appreciate that the children are in on a secret that the adults know nothing about.

Gorilla Gardeners is a fun read for parents too. After all, parents are the ones that do the majority of the reading up to a certain point. It is equally important that parents like looking at the pictures and reading the story. Allie Summers, the author and a mother herself, paid special attention to this when finalizing the story. Parents might even discover that they still have a little magic left in their imagination.

Parents will appreciate that they can use the educational messaging from the book when they are in the playground, park, or in their own backyard. “Remember what the Gorilla’s told Brooke and Riley? ‘Plants are living creatures too. We need to care for them.’” It is a powerful aid in teaching kids to respect nature by not picking flowers or stepping on plants.

The realistic illustrations done by Lidia Steiner help the children connect to the story. They show the dramatic difference of grey Bleaker Street before Blossom Week and bright Bleaker Street after the gorillas visit. The vivid illustrations provide fun interactive talking points for parents: “Do you see a yellow flower?” “Do you see a purple one?” “What tools are the gorilla’s using?” “How many kids are hiding behind the truck?” Depending on the child’s age, parents can incorporate interactive counting, colors, and/or shapes when reading Gorilla Gardeners.

In 2017, Gorilla Gardeners was translated into German by Anna Koopmann. Now German-Speaking children will be able to enjoy the story!

Gorilla Gardeners is available in English & German on Amazon.

Die Gorilla Gärtner ist, auf Deutsch, bei Amazon erhältlich.

Happy Reading!

Illustrated by Lidia Steiner.